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Top 10 Questions Dentists Ask When Buying/Selling A Practice.

The value of a properly appraised practice is a function of two factors: Risk and Net Income. The greater the risk to success in a practice, the lower the interest from buyers.

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The $14,000,000 Decision Every Dentist Must Make

Suppose that when you begin your dental career that you will have to check a box like one of these: Yes, please endow me with $14,000,000 extra cash at the time of my retirement or No thanks, keep your $14,000,000 and assume control of my profession while you're at it...

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"ADS South is well-connected and on top of things. The practice evaluation was timely and I was very impressed that it was accomplished as promised. My practice sold in the necessary time frame as requested. Everything worked well with my transition."

Denise Waldron, DMD

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Dental Practice Transitions Made Perfect

Buying or Selling a dental practice is a major decision which affects your entire life. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to walk you through that process and ensure that you end up where you want to be.

Many dentists don’t know where to start when it comes to selling or buying a dental practice or who to talk to if they have questions. Our experts have been helping dentists make the transition process smooth and simple for several decades now. We provide a wide variety of services which will help you every step of the way.

Selling a Dental Practice?

Selling a dental practice starts with assessing the value of your practice. The most important part of a dental practice valuation is that it is thorough and accurate. Don’t be fooled by people who offer you free practice valuations. Most of them are generic guesstimates using poor assumptions to give you a weak and often times wrong assessment of your business.

We start the process the right way. By having an in-depth consultation with you and gathering the necessary information to start your valuation. Our transition specialists perform an in-depth analysis of your information and then utilize several tried and true methods of finding an accurate value of your dental practice. We then work with you in order to find a list of qualified potential buyers for your practice. We have an established network of potential buyers and we have helped thousands of dentists buy a practice which is just right for them.

During the entire process, we will be there for you to mentor and advise you along the way. If you ever have questions or concerns about the transition process, one of our specialists will be there for you. Most of our Brokers have had over 25 years of experience in the field and are fully capable of ensuring that your practice transition goes smoothly.

Buying a Dental Practice?

Our dental practice transition specialists have helped over 38,000 dentists find a dental practice suited to their wants and needs. We know how big of a decision purchasing a dental practice is. We have a network with thousands of potential dental practices for sale and we can help you find a great opportunity in the location that you want. Let our experts give you the advice and help that you need in order to find the perfect practice for you.

Contact a specialist today. Whether you are just looking for information about the process or you are already in the middle of buying or selling a dental practice, our transition specialists can help you with whatever you need to make your dental practice transition a success.


Whether you're buying your first dental practice, planning for retirement, or making a lateral shift in the middle of your career, we have the experience to help.

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