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Gary Schaub, MBA

Lisa White, a dental practice broker for Radman, White & Associates
Lisa White, a dental practice broker for Radman, White & Associates

Gary Schaub, MBA

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Research is crucial when it comes to dental practice acquisitions, which is why anyone looking to buy or sell a dental practice needs the help of a professional broker. HELP Appraisals & Sales, Inc. focuses on evaluating every detail of dental practices, including their customer loyalty, their books, their staff, and even their propensity for future growth. Gary Schaub, the owner of HELP Appraisals & Sales Inc. has over 30 years worth of experience in healthcare and dental practice appraisals, sales, and transitions. With a background in Electrical Engineering and Masters Degree in Business Administration, Gary understands the intricacies of medical and dental practice transitions. Gary Schaub is also a member and Chairman of the National Practice Valuation Study Group, and has conducted numerous seminars and lectures for various national dental societies. Gary has even conducted four Table Clinic presentations at American Dental Association meetings. We offer help with appraisals, associate arrangements, practice mergers, and associate/buy-in arrangements. HELP Appraisals & Sales has appraised more than 2100 healthcare practices and helped to sell over 475 practices. Our years of experience also help to add value to transitions. HELP Appraisals & Sales has been in business since 1984, which means that we understand the potential hurdles you might face and the resolutions to streamline the process. As the owner of HELP Appraisals & Sales, Gary has developed a proven transition system. This system is so effective that his clients enjoy:

  • Less than 2% patient loss six months after sale. Maintaining your clients is the key to a successful dental practice acquisition. Being able to retain 98% of your patients could help your business to thrive when you are getting started in a new area.
  • An average 25% increase in production within six months. Our goal is to help new practice owners to thrive, not just to survive. Because of our in-depth analysis of potential practices, our clients typically enjoy incredible growth.
  • Up to 100% practice financing for qualified buyers. If you don’t have the average $500,000 it will cost to purchase a dental practice, consider our convenient financing options.
  • Over 99% successful transitions. We pride ourselves on successful transitions. Check out our client testimonials and reviews to see how we have helped other professionals to succeed in their fields.

One of the reasons HELP Appraisals & Sales is so successful is our in-depth research and industry know-how. For example, did you know that although most practices are estimated to sell for 65% to 75% of their yearly annual receivables, two-thirds of practices sell from between 40% to 90% of their yearly collections? If you decide to buy or sell a practice using the wrong broker, you might find yourself paying more than you need to or getting less than you deserve for your practice. If you are concerned about the costs involved with using a brokerage firm to purchase your first practice, you shouldn’t be. Much like buying homes, there is no charge for my services for the practice buyer. This means that instead of worrying about extra costs, you can focus on choosing the right practice and making a sound investment. HELP Appraisals & Sales services professionals in the Pacific Northwest, but maintains a large network across the country. If you are interested in buying or selling a dental practice, or making a business transition of your own, contact me as soon as possible.

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