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ADS dental practice brokers and dental transition consultants specialize in a variety of services and offer in-depth knowledge and expertise to help dentists transition, buy, and sell dental practices.

ADS Dental Transitions Offers the Best-in-class Dental Broker Services to Bring Buyers and Sellers Together

Why Work with Dental Practice Brokers?

ADS Dental Transitions offers expert dental brokerage and are committed to your success. If you’re considering buying or selling a dental practice, our dental practice brokers are here to support you at every step.

Our dental practice brokers have the knowledge and experience to successfully guide buyers and sellers through the dental practice transition process. See how dental practice brokers can help you achieve your goals.

What We Offer

The majority of our services fall under one of five categories which we will outline below:


Information Gathering & Analysis

  • Financial statements review
  • Equipment & staff review
  • On-site dental practice assessment
  • Creating a dental practice profile

Dental Practice Valuations

  • Office space & lease assessment
  • Dental equipment & software valuation
  • Dental practice services & philosophies review
  • Goodwill & financial valuation

Find Qualified Buyers and Practices for Sale

  • Gather a list of potential dental practices that fit your needs (when buying)
  • Find potential qualified buyers for the practice (when selling)
  • Effective online and offline marketing of your practice
  • Access to our exclusive prospects database
  • Utilizing our buyer information forms
  • Create and manage buyer competition
  • Arrange and manage appointments for prospect visits
  • Send info packages to interested prospects

Negotiations & Contracts

  • Utilize offer forms
  • Negotiate transaction
  • Provide sample agreement of sale
  • Review contracts

Mentoring & Advice

  • Guide you through the dental practice transition process and answer your questions along the way
  • Knowledge of typical buyer/seller requests during the transition process
  • Provide input on practice or buyer offers
  • Provide suggestions regarding the allocation of the sales price for tax purposes
  • Refer buyers to financing sources
  • Provide advice on how to help patients with the transition process
  • Address buyer & seller concerns
  • Providing referrals to dentists who have used ADS

We recognize every dentist and every dental practice transition is different. ADS Dental Transitions supports you at every phase of a dental practice transition. Work with a dental broker that’s committed to providing you the highest quality of service and ensures all parties involved have a beneficial and enjoyable transition.


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