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There comes a time in the career of any dentist where the moment to sell your practice arrives. Perhaps it is time for retirement, or maybe you are just looking for a new location. No matter the reason, readying your practice for sale is not a simple process, and the use of brokers and other services for dental practice valuations should be at the front of this prcess. Here at ADS we are prepared to help you in any way we can, whether through our loan calculator or if you need a full dental practice valuation.

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Understanding Your Worth

Unlike the processes of selling a house or any other business space, a dental practice has a large reach of complex and diverse assets. Often, the community surrounding the practice, amount of time it has been a part of the area, and even the different generations that have come and gone may all factor into the final worth of your practice. Do not forget that your patients are the greatest assets in this type of business, though your physical assets will obviously factor in as well. 

Dental practice valuations are the simplest way to figure out your practice's total worth. SInce the process is both complex and unique, it is best left up to those who have experience and understanding in how to properly ascertain the value of a dental practice. We understand the necessity of getting a fair price for the work you have done in building your clientele and business. 

Preparing Your Practice

Like any major purchase, the process can easily be hindered with only a few mistakes, or what seem like insignificant issues. As the owner of a practice, your focus may be required in different areas of the sale. Having help will not only allow you to be free when necessary, but will also insure that no mistakes are made with the sale. Our loan calculator is a simple tool for starting the process of understanding your worth, but once that is established you are ready to move forward. Dental practice valuations may not be a short and simple operation, but getting those first small steps out of the way will make it that much easier for you to see the bigger picture. 

Whether you are selling your practice or entering retirement, the sale of your business is only one of many things that must be taken care of before all is said and done. Moving past your practice and entering a new part of your career and life should be an exciting time; not a time of stress and intense work. Get the help you need when it comes to ascertaining the most accurate worth of your practice. Priced too high, and it may never sell, but priced too low and you will not be getting what you truly deserve--in cases of retirement, getting the best price possible is crucial for living out your years as you see fit. 

You deserve the best price possible, and we can help you reach your goals!

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Whether you're looking to buy, planning for retirement, or making a lateral shift in the middle of your career, we have the experience to help with your dental practice transition needs.

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