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How To Quickly Improve The Value Of Your Dental Practice

Although the value of your dental practice is built over the lifetime of the practice, there are things that you can do prior to selling it that can help improve the value of it. Ideally, once you are considering selling your practice, you should begin the procedure of preparing it to be sold at least a year in advanced. ADS Transitions can help improve the value of your dental practice as well and we have some tips on what you can do on your end to help with that. Take a look at below for some of the tips you can follow to quickly improve the value of your dental practice!

Improve The Aesthetic Value Of Your Dental Practice

The aesthetics of your dental practice says a lot about where your practice is and what patients it is retaining and attracting. If your office looks outdated, that will reflect in the value of your dental practice. Every paint chip, every piece of damage on the floor or equipment, all of that adds up to devalue your practice. To quickly increase the value of your dental practice, you can reach out to an interior decorator. A trained interior decorator that specializes in office décor can help bring your dental practice into the modern age by offering advice on changes. By reaching out to an interior decorator, they can help point out what is outdated or damaged in your office, and offer solutions that will help you really achieve the look and feel that you want for your dental practice. This can help retain and attract new patients as the dental practice will feel clean and inviting.

Manage Your Dental Practice’s Online Presence

A lot of dental practice’s overlook their presence on the web, but getting your dental practice out there online is a great way to improve the value of your dental practice. From marketing purposes to educational services, there is a lot of good value that you can accumulate by making a website, using social media, and monitoring review forums. To summarize, here is are the things that you can do to increase your dental practice’s online presence, and thus increase the value of your dental practice:

  • Have an active website; attractive to clients, educational and information, easy to navigate, and offer online appointment scheduling.
  • Monitor your online presence; learn what is being said about your practices on review sites and social media forums.
  • Participate in social media; utilize Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other websites to increase your online presence and make your dental practice active and approachable to new and old patients.


Everyone wants to improve the value of their dental practice—whether they plan on keeping it for many more years or selling it as soon as possible. By creating an increased value for your dental practice, you’re doing a better service to yourself, your patients, and your staff. Just remember the tips that we talked about on how to quickly improve the value of your dental practice. If you have any questions regarding it, or looking to utilize the services provided by ADS Transitions, contact us immediately!


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