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Grossing $515,000 in Sikeston Missouri

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Practice for Sale

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Southeast Missouri including Cape Girardeau

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Grossing $515,000. My workweek is 4 1-2 days.  We do most of the general dentistry procedures. The heavier oral surgery, all periodontics, all orthodontics and most molar endo procedures are referred out. 85% recalls are made at time of check out. We serve a wide and loyal patient base of all ages. My office is a one story building. Our business center is computerized but we are not paperless. There is easy off street parking and the building could easily be expanded for future growth into my adjoining empty lot. We are located in the center of a 55,000 population draw area. Our building is extremely near the fastest growing area of Sikeston. This area supports banks, drugstores, a major fitness and aquatic facility, an excellent school system, many churches, eating establishments and an up to date local hospital. My staff is motivated, happy and dedicated to the ongoing success of this dental practice. I could be available and am willing to assist in the easy and smooth transition if requested.

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Earl Douglas, a dental practice broker for ADS South

Guy Jaffe, MBA