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My practice started in 1983.  Our annual production runs in the mid to high $900K.  In 2020, although we were closed for two months due to COVID, our production was $848K.  We run a lean and efficient office with lower-than-average overhead.

Our practice is primarily preventive and restorative.  More than half of our annual production comes from exams, cleanings, and x-rays.  We refer out all oral surgery and orthodontics, as well as most perio and molar endo.  We restore implants but do not place them.  We work out of three operatories and our office is fully computerized. Our patients are diverse.  They are all ages and from all socio economic backgrounds.  We have many families that have been with us through generations.

My staff is well trained, friendly, and professional.  I have two full time hygienists, one chair side assistant, and one front desk staff member.  I can say, without hesitation, that more than anything else, my staff has been responsible for my success. 

I have tailored my practice to minimize problems and to minimize my stress.  This is both in terms of the types of procedures I do, how I manage my staff and how we administer the practice financially.  I enjoy my patients, but I also enjoy my time away from my practice.  Our office is open 3-1/2 days per week.  Our weekends begin on Thursday at noon.  We typically are off for 5 weeks of vacation per year in addition to holidays.

Our office is a stand-alone building with an attached parking lot.  It is at the intersection of two major thoroughfares.  Bloomington-Normal is a thriving and welcoming community.  It is home to two universities and corporate headquarters for State Farm Insurance.  The community offers many cultural and recreational opportunities. 

Dentistry has been good to me.  I believe the independent private dental practice is the best way to deliver dental care – both for the patients, the staff, and the dentist.

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Earl Douglas, a dental practice broker for ADS South

Guy Jaffe, MBA