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Malibu #5436

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For Sale

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Practice for Sale

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Well-established practice with 50+ years of goodwill. The practice is located in a 2,200 sq. ft. two-story medical building and is equipped with 4 operatories and 1 plumbed not equipped. The retiring seller currently works 1 day a week and an associate works 4 days a week. The doctor sees an average of 6-7 patients a day and 6-12 new patients a month. The associate sees approximately 4-6 patients a day. There are 7 days of hygiene with a hygienist working Wednesdays another working Mondays and Tuesdays and one working Monday-Thursdays and sometimes Friday. Great location. Next to residential areas. Only a 1-mile walk to the beautiful ocean waters. Excellent staff that has been with the retiring seller for many years. Equipped with 3 Progeny X-rays and 1 Gendex GX-770 digital X-ray. Grossed $1.4M for 2022. Buyer's Net of $467K. Please contact your CPS Broker for more details. Property ID #5436.

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Earl Douglas, a dental practice broker for ADS South

John W. Knipf (Pronounced Neff) & Robert A. Palumbo

(714) 333-4444