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Lemoore #5403

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For Sale

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Real Estate for Sale

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Sell Practice and Leave





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LEMOORE (GP + REAL ESTATE) – Well-established practice with 27+ years of goodwill. The retiring doctor currently works in the office 4 days a week with 4 hygienists working alongside them. The practice sees an average of 10-15 patients a day with an average of 20-25 new patients a month! The hygienist sees an average of 12-14 patients a day. Cash and PPO only. It’s located in a 1,606 free-standing building with 5 equipped operatories and is computerized with Dentrix. Does minimal advertising and mainly depends on Google and boosting Facebook posts. Grossed $1.3M in 2021 & projecting $1.5M for 2022. Buyer’s Net of $591K. Please contact your CPS Broker for more information. Property ID #5403

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Earl Douglas, a dental practice broker for ADS South

John W. Knipf (Pronounced Neff)

(714) 333-4444