Imagine owning your building at this distinctly enviable and prime location! - #EG-1255 Lincoln

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Northern: Sacramento Valley

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We are proud to present this remarkable opportunity to live and your best dentistry in an award-winning and fastest growing “All-American City”!   This thriving and charming community has long been recognized and honored for its excellent atmosphere for businesses.  Imagine owning your building at this distinctly enviable and prime location!

 The Doctor averages 7 patients w/ 8 Hygiene patients per day offering 6 days of Hygiene/per week and welcomes approximately 5 new patients per month, based on word-of-mouth referrals:  the best kind of marketing!

The office is conveniently located in an attractive, well-maintained, single-story building.  The highly desirable corner location offers ample parking, excellent accessibility and unsurpassed visibility.  You will look forward to coming to work every day here at this spacious office which occupies approximately 2,224 square feet and consists of 4 fully equipped OPs and state-of-the-art equipment, Reception area, Doctor’s office, Business office, Sterilization, Lab, Storage, and 3 Restrooms.

Full Price:  $395,000

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EG-1255 Lincoln

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Earl Douglas, a dental practice broker for ADS South

Timothy G. Giroux DDS

(800) 641-4179