Practice produced nearly $115k in January 2021! Multi-Tenant Property Available! - #DG-1239 Livermore

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Bay Area: South Bay

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Well-known as home to renowned science and technology centers, this is an academically engaged community and technological hub.  An integral part of the Bay Area, it competes in the global market powered by its wealth of research, technology and innovation.  The rich art, cultural heritage and storied wine industry also contribute to the unique backdrop of this special community.

Carry on the rich and stellar tradition of providing the highest standard of care in this family-oriented practice.  Doctor averages 8 – 10 patients w/ 8 Hygiene patients per day offering 5 days of Hygiene/per week and welcomes approximately 10-15 new patients per month, a wonderful addition to its large, stable and diverse patient base. 

This pristine, modern office is located in an attractive, well-maintained, single-story, free-standing building on a busy, major thoroughfare, close to the vibrant Downtown district and Livermore Lab. This stunning and spacious office occupies approximately 2,500 square feet and consists of 5 fully equipped OPs with plumbing for 1 additional OP, Reception area, Doctor’s office, Business office, Sterilization, Lab, Storage, and 2 Restrooms.

 Full Price:  $820,000

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DG-1239 Livermore

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Earl Douglas, a dental practice broker for ADS South

Timothy G. Giroux DDS

(800) 641-4179