Stay, grow or go? Understanding the best option for you and your practice starts today.
Stay or Go

Like the 70’s Rock Band, The Clash said, “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”
When it comes to your practice and the current business environment, do you stay and keep doing what you’re doing, expand and grow or transition and go on to the next adventure in life?
Stay or Go

For most, the pandemic was a trial by fire. And, many practices emerged from it with a greater potential for profitability. If you were thinking about selling your practice, now may be a great time to do it.
Post Pandemic Profitability
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Meet Your Consultant
Sarah Pajot
As Lead Transition Manager of The DBS Companies, Sarah has over 18 years guiding sellers and providing seamless services for a successful sale. Sarah brings an array of experience and knowledge from dental accounting and valuation designed to meet her clients’ specific needs.
Sarah Pajot
DBS Professional Practice Brokers LLC
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6006 Westside Saginaw Rd
Bay City, MI 48707
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