Learn strategies on transitioning, tax planning and using your practice to its full earning potential.
The Win Win Practice Transition
By Jim Ackerman
Buy-out, associate buy-in or practice sale, they are all different names for the same thing, practice transition. But there is one type of transition that may offer the best deal for you, the practice merger.
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Practice Merger vs. Single Practice Scenario
Practices A And B Merged
Practices A & B merged
resulting in an instant
800 patient increase!
Practice C
Practice C
averages 10 new patients/month
(it would take almost 7 years
to reach 800 new patients)
Additional Practice Transition
Tax Planning Strategies
By Ted Schumann, II, MBA, MSF, CFP®, AIF®
John Looby CPA – The DBS Companies
Looking for more ideas on creative tax planning strategies that can help manage and even potentially minimize taxes in a dental practice transition? Ted Schumann and John Looby of The DBS Companies explain some of the considerations you’ll need to know. Read more>
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Meet Your Consultant
Christine Elliott
Christine Elliott is a Practice Transition Consultant for The Transitions Group, LLC with over 19 years of financial industry experience. She has held positions ranging from Investor Support Services Manager to Vice President in the Capital Markets division of JPMorgan Chase. Christine is a licensed real estate broker and is experienced in all aspects of transition management.
Christine Elliott
The Transitions Group, LLC
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