Practice value: How to help maximize, protect and ensure your financial health.
The Cost of Dental Practice Valuation
By Jed Esposito, MBA, CVA, is a principal of ADS Precise Transitions
A wise move for ensuring your practice is in top shape when you’re ready to sell is to periodically get a practice valuation. Just like a preventative checkup, a practice valuation by a certified broker can help preserve your practice’s financial health. Read More.
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Tax Consequences of Buying and Selling a Practice
By Ted Schumann II and John Looby, CPA DBS Professional Practice Brokers
They’re inevitable, but dealing with the taxes from buying or selling a practice is a fact of life. Fortunately, your tax advisor can show you how calculating and managing your tax considerations from a purchase or sale can be easily done.
Six Practice Impacts to Potential Buyers
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