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Sarah Lynch - Jim Kasper Associates

Sarah Lynch, a dental practice broker for Jim Kasper Associates

Sarah Lynch

P.O. Box 143
Walpole, NH 03608
(603) 355-2260
(866) 421-1665

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Jim Kasper Associates is a regional practice brokerage and transition firm located in Walpole, NH, that has served the New England area for over thirty years. Since 1981, Jim Kasper Associates has aided in the transitions of over 2000 dental practices. In fact, they specialize in transitioning dental practices, and they are the only firm with a sales team dedicated to the dental industry. They have earned and take pride in their reputation for dedication, experience, and personalized attention. It’s what has made Jim Kasper Associates the leading practice brokerage firm in the Northeast United States.

Sarah K. Lynch, managing partner in Jim Kasper Associates, specializes in appraising and facilitating sales of dental practices. She has 18 years of experience and has helped over 1700 practices—both general and specialty practices—change hands smoothly. She is also an experienced lecturer who has delivered addresses across the country on dental practice transitions, and frequently appears as a guest speaker for dental associations and societies in New Hampshire and surrounding areas. Sarah has co-authored the book Profitable Practice: Why a Dental Office is an Exceptional Investment, which has been hailed as an accessible and essential reference guide for any dentist. She has also been a contributor to the Business Valuation Resources Guide to Valuing Dental Practices. Sarah has served on the executive committee of ADS, the largest group of dental practice brokers in the United States, and as president of ADS Transitions, Inc.

Jim Kasper Associates is a member of ADS. By taking advantage of the network supplied by ADS, Jim Kasper is able to find and contact dentists who are considering relocating to the New England area early on in their search, which allows us to help buyers and sellers most effectively. If you’re considering buying a dental practice or if you’re looking for a dental practice for sale in your area, don’t try to navigate the process alone. Let the experts at Jim Kasper Associates offer their unmatched expertise. Contact us to schedule a confidential consultation—at no cost—to discuss how you can prepare to sell or obtain your practice.

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