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Frederick Heppner, a dental practice broker for Arizona Transitions

Frederick Heppner

21001 N Tatum Blvd 1630-413
Phoenix, AZ 85050
(480) 513-0462
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Fred Heppner is the Business Management Advisor at Arizona Transitions. He is also a leader when it comes to the dentistry brokerage business. His expertise and excitement make him one of the premier advisors to work with. Many dentists feel frustrated and lost as they start to navigate the process of buying or selling a practice for the first time, but Fred works with clients to remove the concern and frustration that they might be feeling. His goal is to keep clients calm and reassured until the end of the transition process. Fred is also talented at making complex issues simple and easy to understand. Fred Heppner has several decades of experience that allows him to understand the issues and challenges that today’s dentists face. His experience also gives him a strong ability to coach and advise dentists about how to achieve the goals and success that they desire. He’ll explain every option available and the consequences you can expect.If there are more resources available, he’ll help you to find them.

Whether you’re buying a dental practice or putting your dental practice for sale, Fred Heppner can successfully help you navigate the transition. As a Transitions Consultant, Fred Heppner has successfully helped hundreds of practices be either bought or sold. He deals with complete transitions of dental offices and also with practices securing a partner. Because he has worked with so many different aspects of the dental industry, his experience allows him to ensure that all parties feel satisfied with the transition. Many clients have commented on what what a knowledgeable and helpful person Fred Heppner was to work with.

An important method to Fred Heppner’s success is his mind-set. He helps dentists to think long term by encouraging them to start early in the process of selling a practice. His advice to have an exit plan in mind from the start of your career can help you to make the most out of your business. Contact Fred for a complimentary consultation on how you may form transition plans that will serve your needs and accomplish your goals. He may also be seen presenting at conferences.

Arizona Transitions is located in Tuscon Arizona and serves the entire Valley of the Sun area, and works with practices in Scottsdale, Flagstaff, Phoenix, Tucson and surrounding areas, including rural and outlying areas.

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