Create More Value for Your Patients and Your Dental Practice

Whether or not you are looking to sell your practice in the near future, having a solid set of loyal customers is essential to maintaining your practice. One of the simple secrets to achieving growth is doing the right things consistently. We would like to show you a few ideas of you can you incentives and competitions to turn existing patients into advocates that attract new patients.

Create Value for your dental practice

The easiest way to help get your referral marketing engine working is to create meaningful and memorable experiences for your existing patients. It is human nature to talk about positive experience and negative ones. As a business you always want to make sure you are creating consistent memorable and meaningful experiences.

Dental Reviews

To start it would be nice to know how your practice is doing. Below is a link to a handout generator that will show your patients how to review your practice. Assure them this is so you will know how to improve.

Handouts to Review Practice

Refer a Friend Incentives

Most patients have a friend or will encounter someone who does not have a dentist. If your patients are aware of a free cleaning you do for new patients they will be more likely to jump at the opportunity to come to the rescue and help a friend out by recommending you.

Upload your Smile to FB and share.

Social media is a great channel to show how personal and friendly your office is. Have patients upload their their new smile to FB and share with their friends. It is always nice to offer incentives to give them a little push.

Birthday Cards

These are great. Most parents forget their kids birthdays…but not their dentist! What a great opportunity to leave an impression that will be hard to forget.

Give it away free day for friends of patients one day.

This is a great way to get some local awareness as well as “good guy philanthropist” points for your dental practice.

QA on site

Create a page of some of the most common questions you have and then answer them on your site. This will build trust for people who may still be on the fence.

The quest for practice growth is started by doing the small things right. When the times comes to sell your practice you will be grateful you did. ADS can help you get started on the path towards planning your future. Whether you need a dental valuation or marketing help we are at your service.

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